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Is all my electricity coming from solar?

No, but much of your electricity will come from solar panels installed at your property. During periods of high demand or when the sun isn’t shining (like at night), your power will come from a combination of power stored in onsite batteries or directly from your utility company.

Is the equipment safe?

Yes, safety is paramount at PearlX, and the solar and battery storage system has gone through every measure to secure the highest possible safety standards. We only deploy equipment that has been used at residential properties throughout the US and has been UL-certified, which is the leading third-party certification program that ensures technology products in commercial circulation meet the highest available safety requirements. PearlX also engages in a rigorous initial engineering design process in which the layout and structure of the system are designed to comply with all local, state, and federal building codes. These designs are validated by the local permitting department, and once built, are inspected again by both the utility and local permitting authorities.

How is my electricity discount accounted for?

PearlX honors all discounts residents already receive via utility bill assistance programs. These discounts will continue to be represented in your utility bills and will include a further discount provided by PearlX for your participation in your community’s solar and battery storage system.

*If you are entitled to a discount and do not see it represented in your monthly bill, please contact customerservice@pearlxinfra.com, and we will process any refunds you are owed as well as amend your bills going forward.

Can I keep receiving power from PearlX if I move out of my current residence?

Only if your new property is already a PearlX customer. PearlX retains a standing agreement with properties where its equipment is installed. If a PearlX system is not yet installed at your new property, we cannot transfer discounts. If you are satisfied with the PearlX service, contact us to recommend us to your new property’s management team.

How does billing work?

Residents see charges for our services consolidated on their rent bill. In California, residents receive two electricity bills: one on their rent bill as a solar power line item and another from their utility company for electricity used that PearlX didn’t generate (for example, during evenings). Your PearlX rate will typically be 5-10% lower than your existing utility rate.  In no event shall you pay more for electricity as a result of installing a PearlX system. You will not need to change your electricity use in any way.

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