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Do owners pay anything?

PearlX covers all costs associated with purchasing and installing equipment, engineering fees, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance. In cases when repairs need to be made to a property to house solar installations, PearlX will cover some or all of the total cost and is willing to work with your preferred contractor.

What’s required of property owners to partner with PearlX?

As little as possible—basic property information, access to the site, and portfolio information after lease execution. PearlX strives to fit the development process into existing owner plans to refinance, conduct capital repairs, or any other regular asset management operation.

Where onsite are the solar and battery equipment installed?

Solar panels can go on rooftops, carports, or garages, and batteries can be installed along walls, freestanding, or even inside buildings. Our design process puts communities first and does not sacrifice aesthetics for profit. PearlX understands the work that goes into maintaining high standards at a residential property and works hard to ensure that projects are designed to keep costs low, energy yield high, and residents happy. PearlX maintains no exclusive relationships with equipment suppliers, ensuring that each PearlX system is built to the needs of the particular property.

Can PearlX pay to replace an owner’s roof?

Yes! Instead of making monthly lease payments, PearlX may pay to replace a building’s roof, helping owners avoid significant capital expenditures.

Does PearlX’s solar and battery storage system help satisfy California’s Title 24 compliance requirements?

Yes. PearlX also helps owners meet ‘make-ready’ building and parking space electrification requirements. Contact PearlX here to learn more.

How long does it take to build and get up and ready?

Once we enter into the lease agreement, it takes approximately 12-14 months to build the systems, enroll residents, and get it all up and running.

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