Increase NOI by utilizing unused rooftop space

PearlX installs, operates, and maintains solar and battery storage equipment and other electrification amenities at multifamily properties

PearlX offers multifamily owner-operators a new and reliable income stream while offering residents less expensive, cleaner power. Our turnkey energy solution utilizes unused space for solar and battery storage systems while owner-operators collect monthly lease payments. Residents get that on-site generated power at a discount. PearlX installs and maintains the system at no cost.

High Desert Villas, California


Utilizing Unused Space

PearlX leases unused space at multifamily rental properties, like on rooftops and carports.


Fully Managed

We manage everything: construction, installation, and maintenance.


Increase in NOI

Property owners receive a lease payment, increasing their NOI, 
plus bankable ESG assets with no additional cost or oversight.

Getting Started

PearlX works with owners to select their multifamily properties suitable for a free solar analysis. From there, we will:

  1. Visit site to determine eligibility
  2. Submit a proposal outlining the revenue opportunity
  3. Sign a preliminary Term Sheet
  4. Conduct a full engineering review
  5. Enter into a lease agreement

Quail Ridge Apartments, California

Determining the Optimal System to Invent in Your Property

PearlX installs and maintains a system of solar and battery storage equipment and potentially other electrification amenities such as charging stations throughout unused space on the premises. All PearlX systems are grid-connected systems, meaning the property will never solely be dependent on PearlX-supplied power.

Before lease signing, PearlX works with owners to determine the optimal system configuration, which includes determining energy storage requirements and identifying other possible electrification amenities the owners might like to include.

Quail Ridge Apartments, California

Building and Maintaining

We manage every aspect of the process—from all the engineering and construction to the billing and customer service—while owners pay for nothing.  Residents sign up to enroll in the program for electrification amenities such as clean energy and reduced electricity costs (approximately 5%-10%). Once the energy is turned on, residents are invoiced directly on their rent bill. Owners collect reliable lease payments from PearlX.

High Desert Villas, California

What Our Clients Say

Owners get a monthly lease payment, residents get on-site energy at a discount, and the result is cleaner energy. Everyone benefits.

Get paid to install solar, battery backup storage, and other electrification amenities at your multifamily properties while decreasing energy costs for your residents.

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