Increase property NOI at zero cost

Turnkey solar installation
and battery storage systems to boost your NOI

PearlX enhances the income stream and sustainability profile of properties by financing and installing our systems, while completely managing the program for residents to enjoy cleaner energy amenities at a reduced rate. Leasing PearlX your unused space to install solar and battery storage and provide other electrification amenities such as charging stations boosts your NOI while increasing your residents’ overall satisfaction.

Quail Ridge Apartments, California

Increase NOI at No Cost

Our program helps property owners meet their ESG goals with no additional capital expenditures, as we install and maintain the system while you pay for nothing, and you receive a lease payment.

PearlX Handles Everything

We pay you to allow us to install, operate, and maintain solar and battery storage equipment in your property’s unused spaces like roofs and carports. We manage every aspect of the process—from the engineering and construction to the billing and customer service.

Reliable Energy at a Reduced Cost for Your Residents

Your residents enjoy the electricity your building produces at a fraction of their current cost – and carbon footprint. During periods of high demand and in case of power outages, we also provide backup battery storage for some of your units.

No Capital Expenditures Required

Additionally, if you need to decarbonize your property and make improvements, like a new roof, PearlX can pay for these upgrades now with the cost coming out of your monthly lease payments.

California Solar and Battery Storage

Our principal offering is solar and energy storage, but we offer other electrification amenities such as charging stations. PearlX systems can either be installed to directly deliver power and resilience to residents 
and building common areas, offset grid consumption by sending solar-generated power directly to the grid, or a combination of both. We work 
with owners to help them achieve compliance, ESG goals, and improve 
their resident experience.

If you’re looking to increase your NOI with zero investment, our turnkey solution takes care of everything. Visit our FAQ page to get quick answers to our most common questions.

Owners get a monthly lease payment, residents get on-site energy at a discount, and the result is cleaner energy. Everyone benefits. Get paid to install solar, battery backup storage, and other electrification amenities at your multifamily properties while decreasing energy costs for your residents.

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