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PearlX provides long-life income streams for our real estate partners through the development of Virtual Power Plants (VPP’s) and our wider electrification offerings.

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How It Works


PearlX leases unused space at multifamily rental properties (rooftops, etc.).


PearlX manages construction, installation, and maintenance of all Virtual Power Plant Equipment.


Property ownership receives increased NOI through lease payments plus bankable ESG assets with no incremental cost or oversight required.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

PearlX is a leading clean energy provider for multifamily rental communities. We develop and manage solar and battery projects such as our primary offering, the VPP. PearlX facilitates and maintains community projects that allow renters to participate in the  energy revolution and address climate change while reducing their electric costs and energy instability. Our service is entirely free to sign up for— no start-up fees or credit requirements, because we believe in equal access to clean energy.


PearlX installs and maintains a system of solar PV panels and battery storage systems throughout unused space on the premises. These systems are designed to provide the community with cleaner, cheaper, and more resilient power. Subscribers to the VPP either directly receive much of their power via the VPP installed onsite, or have much of the utility cost for power they consume offset by the solar-generated power PearlX delivers directly to the grid. Because the PearlX VPP is a grid-connected system, subscribed residents will receive power without interruption from their grid provider when solar and batteries connected to select units are not producing power, like at nighttime.

Yes, safety is paramount at PearlX, and the VPP has gone through every measure to secure the highest possible safety standards. There are many protections PearlX and its partners institute before the system goes into operation. We only deploy equipment in the VPP that has been used at residential properties throughout the US and has been UL-certified, which is the leading third-party certification program that ensures technology products in commercial circulation meet the highest available safety requirements. PearlX also engages in a rigorous initial engineering design process in which the layout and structure of the system is designed to comply with all local, state, and federal building codes. These designs are validated by the local permitting department, and once built, are inspected again by both the utility and local permitting authorities.

Solar panels can go on rooftops, carports or garages, and batteries can be installed along walls, freestanding or even inside buildings. Our design process is one that puts communities first, and does not sacrifice aesthetics for profit. PearlX understands the work that goes into maintaining high standards at a residential property, and works hard to assure that projects are designed to keep costs low, energy yield high, and residents happy. PearlX maintains no exclusive relationships with equipment suppliers, ensuring that each VPP is built to the needs of the particular property.


As little as possible—basic property information, access to the site, and portfolio information after lease execution. PearlX strives to make the development process fit into existing Owner plans to refinance, conduct capital repairs, or any other normal asset management operation.

The process to lease execution is roughly 10 weeks, during which PearlX identifies target properties with ownership, performs free solar mapping analysis, indicative economics, and a site walk.

Customer Care

Residents see one consolidated electricity bill each month. This is facilitated by our Tier I third-party utility biller and reflects the amount of power they consume and the rate at which they are being charged. That rate will typically be 5 – 10% lower than their existing utility rate, depending on the project economics. In no event shall any resident pay more for electricity as a result of installing a PearlX VPP. Residents will be able to view their electricity use, bill amount and any fees or other information online through a resident portal, and will not need to change their electricity use in any way.

PearlX provides customer service to subscribed residents via our PearlX online customer service platform. Once contacted, PearlX will respond with any necessary follow up within two business days.

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