Energy Equality for Renters

How It Works

1. Subscribe

Subscribe to your building’s PearlX Virtual Power Plant (VPP)— a combination of solar equipment and batteries tailored to suit the power needs of your community.

2. Get the best of both worlds

Receive power from the PearlX VPP during daylight when the solar panels are most productive. Don’t worry, you’ll remain connected to the grid and receive grid power during non-daylight hours.

3. Power it forward

Because PearlX VPPs contribute excess clean power back to the grid, you provide supplementary clean energy and environmental benefits to your neighbors, all while receiving  a discount on all PearlX supplied power.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

PearlX is a leading clean energy provider for multifamily rental communities. We develop and manage solar, battery, and electrification projects, such as our offering, the Virtual Power Plant (VPP). PearlX facilitates and maintains community projects that allow renters to participate in the  energy revolution and address climate change while reducing their electric costs and energy instability. Our service is entirely free to sign up for— no start-up fees or credit requirements, because we believe in equal access to clean energy.

At PearlX, we believe a shift is here. How the US has generated and received power has followed the same model since the days of Thomas Edison. We are now in a moment where our energy sources are changing to bring us in closer harmony with the planet, and our energy infrastructure is evolving to bring us into greater alignment with what today’s consumer needs. 

Amidst all this change, our mission is to ensure no one gets left behind. Homeowners across the country are installing solar panels on their roofs and charging their electric vehicles in their backyard. We want to bring multifamily renters to this table.  The energy transition will save millions of Americans valuable dollars on bills and improve energy reliability and independence. Renters must not be excluded from these benefits.


PearlX installs and maintains a system of solar PV panels and battery storage systems throughout unused space on the premises. These systems are designed to provide the community with cleaner, cheaper, and more resilient power. Subscribers to the VPP either directly receive much of their power via the VPP installed onsite, or have much of the utility cost for power they consume offset by the solar-generated power PearlX delivers directly to the grid. Because the PearlX VPP is a grid-connected system, subscribed residents will receive power without interruption from their grid provider when solar and batteries connected to select units are not producing power, like at nighttime.

If you live in the states of California, Texas,  Massachusetts, or New York,  your rental community may be eligible to partner with PearlX for clean power. Inquire about PearlX with your property management and watch this space for advocacy materials.

No. While a majority of your electricity will come from the installed solar on your roof, the rest will come from solar generated power reserved in the battery storage systems within the VPP or from your grid provider. In any case, all units will remain connected to the local grid, and will receive the leftover percentage of electricity directly from the grid in the late evening and early hours of the day. This is because during dark hours, the solar panels will produce little to no electricity.

Yes, safety is paramount at PearlX, and the VPP has gone through every measure to secure the highest possible safety standards. There are many protections PearlX and its partners institute before the system goes into operation. We only deploy equipment in the VPP that has been used at residential properties throughout the US and has been UL-certified, which is the leading third-party certification program that ensures technology products in commercial circulation meet the highest available safety requirements. PearlX also engages in a rigorous initial engineering design process in which the layout and structure of the system is designed to comply with all local, state, and federal building codes. These designs are validated by the local permitting department, and once built, are inspected again by both the utility and local permitting authorities.

As part of our overall VPP package, PearlX offers backup power through battery energy storage systems to accommodate as many units as possible depending on space and engineering constraints. If your unit is connected to a battery energy storage system, you will have roughly 2-4 hours of stored power depending upon usage type in the event of a power outage in addition to power directly coming from the solar panels on your roof.


The PearlX VPP provides a  discount on the rate for the power it supplies, meaning residents who subscribe to the VPP are still charged for the power they consume, but with the PearlX discount applied to that rate.

No, the transfer and setup process does not contain any additional charges incurred to your lease payment or electrical bill. The entire process is at no cost to you.

Our partner billing system covers both solar-supplied power and grid-supplied power, so residents pay for your entire electric bill through the portal we provide.

PearlX honors all discounts residents already receive via utility bill assistance programs. These discounts will continue to be represented in your utility bills, and will include a further discount provided by PearlX for your participation in the VPP.

*If you are entitled to a discount and are not seeing it represented in your monthly bill, please contact, and we will process any refunds you are owed as well as amend your bills going forward.